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Interior decorator and designer, consultant, studio director, mother and nature-lover based in Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa.


Anien started her career as an interior decorator in Philadelphia, a small village situated in the foothills of the Cape Farmlands, one of the oldest commercial farming areas in the Western Cape. What started as a hobby matured into a full-time career — while to this day still living on the farm she grew up on, Anien’s keen eye has allowed her to produce work all over the world.

Coming from a farming background, Anien believes in a grounded environment, one where people can feel at home. Her style is a mixture of classic, contemporary, European and local influences, while her approach is holistic and complimentary — she tries to identify what’s missing, and has an innate ability to pair contrasting elements organically. She introduces the new to the old, the rough to the smooth and the grand to the humble; by the end of the day, they’re indistinguishable.


The Shop


With her partner at the time, Anien opened their first premises in Philadelphia, inside the workspace of an old horse saddle-leathersmith. This eventually paved the way for their first studio space in Durbanville — but even then, the business was still expanding, and suddenly they found themselves at a loss for space. A plan had to be made to meet their capacity.

Then, in 2002, they had an opportunity to buy a residential house from a friend. Anien took the chance and never looked back; they finally had a space to visualise their ideas. This beautiful unpretentious single story on the corner of Oxford St 1, Durbanville, was then refurbished and developed into an ideal studio — every room has its own personality and is stocked to the brim with sample books, furniture, art and unique objects for sale by local and international designers.








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